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There is no party without music and your nuptial day is no exception here. You suddenly start recollecting all the flat entertainment at the weddings you did not enjoy…


You empathise with the couples fearing their guests put down roots in the chairs at the dinner table. But how to appeal to the vast spectrum of various identities and win everybody over? Here comes charging the heavy cavalry of fish in the kettle! How to create a cross-generation playlist, tailored to the plethora of dissonant musical tastes? Think Blondie with drum and bass backing track… Erm… no. Or the 80s: everybody's favourite…

There is only so many times a person can listen to Starship's Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now and all the sentiments in the world, along with denials that any other music followed ever after, don't justify bad taste. And mind, Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You was meant as a break up song, hence it does not translate well for your first bride-groom dance. Digging even deeper to the 70s, Bee Gees' Staying Alive – a perfect opportunity to show off your best dance moves only after some hard liquor when you would wiggle to anything anyhow. How about taking a more contemporary approach altogether? I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas? Utterly uninspiring and bland. Let's try a slightly off-mainstream direction: electro swing. Pretentious and ostentatiously hipster. Indie sounds of Florence and the Machine? Not unless you're tying the knot in wellies at Glastonbury.


So where is the word of advice, you ask. There isn't any. There's no pleasing EVERYBODY. So how about you play the tunes you were humming when you first met? How about the tracks you bounced to that weekend? How about that song you once heard in Tesco when you held hands for the first time? And the one they played on the radio on your first holiday? How about the tunes you play in the background when you chill out in with some wine and take away? I dare you to put on Snoop Dogg's Gz and Hustlars just because it makes you both smile.

Go on, make your way to the dance floor, it's YOUR day!

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Marriage certificate translation promotion

Marriage Certificate Translation promotion

Due to popular demand, we are pleased to announce we will be running a promotion between now and Christmas.

With many couples returning from their overseas wedding, now is the perfect time to have your marriage certificate translated into English.

The promotion is for weddings that took place in Greece, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico and Spain.

    Spanish to English marriage certificate combo deal is £130 (incl. VAT + P&P) for 4 certified copies (an extra copy compared to the current offer).
  • NEW
    Greek to English marriage certificate combo deal is £130 (incl. VAT + P&P) for 3 certified copies.

Both represent big savings when compared to buying additional copies in the future.

Single copy translation requests are available upon request.

Having extra certified copies can help when dealing with the DVLA, Passport Office and Banks etc whilst retaining a copy for your own records. Each translation will come with a translator’s certification confirming its authenticity.

Contact us now for a quote or simply post or email a scanned copy or picture.

Offer extends to new orders only.

Translation & Legalisation Services weddings, business and study

Translation and Legalisation for weddings business and study

You may have noticed we have started to update the look of TLC.

In case you were wondering why, we thought we would take this opportunity to give you the lowdown.

Over the last 24 months, the TLC brand has grown (thanks to our awesome customers) and now helps:

  • Couples getting married abroad.
  • UK business involved with international trade.
  • Individuals looking to work or study overseas.

Each customer requires a different and tailored solution.

As such, we wanted to make our message more inclusive for everyone. We hope you like it.

We will also be updating our mobile website, to enhance the on-line experience and align it to the desktop version. This upgrade will be ready in the coming weeks.

If you have any comments or would like to see a particular service offered by TLC, please feel free to post your thoughts. We would love to hear from you.

To all our existing customers, thank you for your continued support and encouragement (you are the best).

To our new and future customers, we look forward to being of service and helping you achieve your dreams, goals and ambitions.

With kind regards

Darren Elliott, Managing Director and all of the TLC team.

Emotions... we are all human

We all warm to certain human qualities, whether it's someone's honesty, sense of humour, integrity or thoughtfulness in taking care of the little things which make a difference. Like making a cup of tea for your partner and taking it to them in bed or that unconditional hug at the end of a hard day. That's how we connect, form relationships and evolve.

 David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe old proverb, ‘treat others the way you would like to be treated’ has stood the test of time due to its simplicity, the ease in which it can be carried out and the natural reward it gives to us as individuals. Try too hard and it becomes fake, try too little and you will miss the point but, by being genuine, it becomes a two way street.

In the continuously social world that we live in, news does travel fast. So it is always refreshing to see, in amongst the bad stuff, simple acts of kindness go viral. Uplifting stories which put a smile on our faces get shared and passed through the various interconnected circles. One which caught my attention and made me reflect a lot was the story of a homeless kid who, despite everything, found a novel way of getting his homework done. It wasn't so much the novel way; it was how someone so young put so much emphasis on his studies because he wanted a better future for both himself and his family. If you missed it, take a look at this article on the BBC website:

Reaching out to people through the media channels has created both opportunities and pitfalls for brands. With many transactions done remotely these days, first contact is often virtual: through a website, a FaceBook posting, an advert or a blog. As in real life, first impressions count and within a fraction of a second, minds are made up, confirmations calculated and a firm decision made – now at just the click of a button. This seems to make life a bit easier, rather than an awkward pause and then a, 'See Ya'.

Values are important. They are what distinguish us both as brands and as individuals. Yet there is also the trickle-down effect of values: what they mean, how they are carried out and, perhaps more importantly, how these values make us feel as individuals. After all, it is the view of the customer that defines the brand and what is said about them.

To reinforce this point, take integrity as a human quality. This can present itself in many different ways. One recent quote doing the rounds on LinkedIN went something like, ‘integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.’ Certainly an excellent take on the word, but is that your take? Integrity breeds confidence and with confidence you are left with feeling someone is on your side and battling your corner. But that is just another take.

The ‘how you are left feeling’ is perhaps the most important aspect in all of this. Frustrated, angry, upset, let down – these are all negative feelings and a drain upon our well being. So, being mindful of values and ensuring the impression that someone is left with, should be the key factors in everything.

Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Wedding traditions around the world

We took a look around the web to bring you the best wedding customs from around the world. Some will amaze, some will inspire and some well… we will leave that up to you.

Here goes with the best of the rest: from shooting the bride, sawing logs, to giving ducks and geese to the new mother-in-law:


The bride carries two bouquets of flowers on her wedding day. One for her and one for the Virgin Mary.

Europe… key variations in Russia, Germany, Romania and Wales

Poland weddingBride-napping. It seems to be a common tradition in many European countries. It's reported that in Wales and Romania, the best man takes the bride to the pub, only for the groom to come and rescue her and then pick up the bar tab!


Fancy a dance with the bride? It’ll cost you. Donations made by guests, in return for a dance with the bride, are then collected and put towards the couple's honeymoon.


The couple are plied with alcohol, covered in treacle, ash, flour and feathers. This ceremonial mess stems from belief in yester year, and will ward off evil spirits, bringing good luck.


The test of strength, depth and togetherness of the couple is immediately put to work, as the couple saw a log in half to showcase unity, the ability to work as one and that they, together, can overcome any obstacle.

China (Yugur culture)

Grooms shoot their future brides with a bow and arrow (minus the arrowheads!) three times. The arrow is then snapped in half by the groom to make sure the couple remain in love forever.


Thankfully, there is a modern day twist on this old age tradition. Newlyweds are forced to drink leftovers from a toilet bowl (that’s the old tradition) the newer version includes champagne and chocolate, but still drank from a toilet (hopefully clean!).

Korea (an old tradition with a modern twist)

Tradition has it that on the day of the wedding, the groom gave his future mother-in-law either ducks or geese. These animals, monogamous by nature, symbolise the honest, true intentions of the groom. Today, however, livestock have been replaced by wooden models of the animals. The sentiment remains.


japan-weddingThe binding of families in Japan takes the form of the traditional san-san-kudo, in which the bride and groom take three from sips sake cups, followed by their parents. This creates unity and bonds the family unit.


At the wedding reception, the bride and groom will release two doves into the air to represent a peaceful, long lasting and healthy life together.


Maybe one or two of these traditions from around the world have inspired you? Maybe you can do a take on one of them and make your wedding truly memorable for you and your guests.

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TLC UK Bio - Caroline Bees

I have three children who I adore, although they keep me very busy – sometimes, it's a nice break to come to work.

Caroline BeesMy daughter is 11 and will be starting senior school in September (making me feel quite old). She’s lovely, for now anyway – I have been warned I shall notice a difference once she starts senior school, God help me!

My sons are 8 and 6 and they are proper little boys who like nothing more than playing rough and tumble, getting dirty and being loud, VERY LOUD! Wouldn't change any of them for the world though – well, maybe attach a mute button from time to time but that's all!

My boyfriend runs a village pub – I sometimes help when my children are with their father – anything for a free drink (or two…), lol. It's a real fun, lively pub with an excellent chef and great staff.

Obviously, as a typical woman, my other interests include shoes, bags, shopping, chocolate, socialising and wine (lots and lots of wine ha, ha). My diet always starts on Monday morning and finishes about lunch time. I always plan to exercise, but never get round to it. Luckily my three children keep me fit enough for now.

I love to holiday in Spain. I always say I'm going to learn the language. Well, I work for a translation agency and several of my colleagues are Spanish, so I would have my own personal tutor but, of course, I never get round to it.

I love my job at TLC UK. It's really nice talking to people who are planning their dream wedding abroad and helping them through the paperwork process.

It's great when our customers post some of their wedding photos on our Facebook page: A. to put a face to a name and B. to see the gorgeous, sunny wedding photos.

Get in touch with Caroline... or call 0117-986-9578

TLC UK Bio – Ella Britton

I have a GSOH, like meeting new people and socialising… OK, it seems like I am placing an ad within the local lonely hearts column, so I will just be me and provide an insight into my world – prepare to be Ella-fied!

Ella BrittonIt is absolutely amazing how things can change in such a short space of time, when you sit back and think about it. Last year, I was finishing my final year at university within Education Studies, teaching at Primary school level, as well as working as a Cabin Crew member for a major low-cost airline during the uni holiday periods. I was a 23 year old single pringle and had actually come to the realisation that I would have to accept that I would be living alone with my three cats, at my parents' house, for the rest of my life.

Then, one drunken night in the local Wetherspoons, Lloyds V Shed, on the Bristol waterfront (Don't judge me, it was cheap on a student budget and meant I could drink twice as many G & T's!)… I suddenly met my, soon-to-be, Mr Right.

Fast forward to the present time and, after what can only be known as one of those 'whirlwind romances' that I didn’t think could possibly exist, except within the pages of Cosmo, we have visited Rome and Morocco (respective Christmas and 30th Birthday presents to each other – I must add that I am not the one who's 30… yet) and recently purchased a brand new house together.

Every spare minute of my time (outside of work) is currently spent pouring over wallpaper samples, choosing flooring and decorating (and then deciding that I do not like the colour of the Dulux painted walls, much to my boyfriend's exasperation, so repaint them in Laura Ashley paint. Goodbye being able to go out this month!).

Whilst we do not have any immediate plans to get married, I am hoping that this will be the first step towards matters and, of course, seeing if he can put up with me 24/7 – which includes: allowing me to bring my collection of shoes, totalling over one hundred pairs, which definitely require a shoe closet (think Carrie Bradshaw in SATC) and letting my cat, JaJa move in with us. This is unfortunately an ongoing battle, but everyone knows a woman will always prevail, especially a crazy cat lady; it is a truth universally acknowledged that women are mostly… sorry, always right!)

Whilst not a translator myself, I am a keen linguist and have studied French and Spanish A Levels, along with Italian and Latin GCSEs. I absolutely love to travel and immerse myself within the culture and customs of the countries that I visit; there really is no greater pleasure than being able to communicate with people in their own language, even if you do accidentally make the odd translation mishap, which does add to the fun and is a good icebreaker!

As my grandparents live in Menorca, this has aided my Spanish no end and provided me with the opportunity to meet and form friendships with such a variety of people (including Sting's Auntie, a lovely lady, who they were best friends with; I still cannot get my head around the fact that my little, crazy Nana was always having lunch with a huge musician's relative!).

I have previously worked for Gemini, a business to business sister Translation Company of TLC UK, since I undertook my school work experience aged 16. Following the foundation of TLC UK, it was an absolute pleasure to be asked if I would consider coming to work with the team in March 2014. Being able to assist couples with the translation and legalisation of wedding documentation for their dream wedding is an absolutely wonderful feeling. I have established some lovely working relationships with our clients and it is always such a pleasure to be of service, knowing that my assistance plays a small, yet important part in achieving the perfect wedding day; especially when we receive beautiful photos of our couples in their stunning wedding destinations.

For now, I am more than happy to support our TLC UK couples with their weddings abroad, but fingers crossed in time, I can learn from the industry that I am so lucky to work within to become Mrs Jones(-Britton) and say, 'I Do'.

Get in touch with Ella... or call 0117-986-9578


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